6 thoughts on “Can I use Ruby on rails to create a software that can keep track of a small restaurant’s sales?”

  1. Yes, you can do that and many other things.

    However, it’s a lot of effort if your goal is only to support one restaurant. If you want to do a software that supports any restaurant, and distribute it, why not.

    If your goal is only to have a software for only one restaurant, I’d suggest to take a more lightweight approach. For example, you could use:

    * Google Sheets + Google Forms
    * Airtable (similar to Google Sheets, but more flexible)
    * Any generic and lightweight ERP software: Odoo, ERPnext

    Plus consider the need of “restaurant sales” is very, very well covered by specialized commercial softwares – and to do it well, it’s quite a lot of work. If the goal is not to make an app that is going to compete with such software, I’d just take a specialized “point of sale” software on the market.

    Why is it a lot of effort? Because Rails is a framework that allows you to do any kind of (web, online) software, and it’s just a framework, really. So you need to code a lot of things under the hood, and also code a lot of things for the appearance.

  2. You could start by learning to build something, anything in Rails.

    However, going by the actual question you’re asking… it may well be that a website “that can keep track of a small restaurant’s sales” may be a bit too much for you as your second project in Rails

  3. Am currently trying to learns rails and it’s not so much the language, it’s more all the configuration and stuff you have to do on the command line.

  4. If you do anything with money look at the money / money-rails gem. It might be confusing first but will be a lifesaver later. It provides the fields in the database to store money values with their currency as a cents value and will do the conversion to ‚normal‘ values later. No rounding issues with float values. And you will have the option to use multiple currencies if needed later on.


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