Ninja Cookie says “no” to cookie use and removes cookie consent banners automatically ! Adopt the ninja !

Are you fed up with cookie banners? Forget them! Ninja Cookie handles them and says “no” for you!Ninja Cookie is a free Web browser extension that automatically deletes cookie banners by setting them up and refusing the use of cookies.

More than a simple add-on that removes the cookie consent banners, Ninja Cookie will take time to say "no" and set up the banner correctly to protect your privacy. An that's a huge difference with other "cookie consent extensions". In other words, Ninja Cookie enhances your privacy and your browsing experience.

After one month and a half of beta-test, we have finally launched the public release 2 or 3 weeks ago. So you just need to install the extension directly from Chrome webstore and everything will be done by the Ninja automatically.I hope you'll like it !

[Adopt the Ninja here >> Chrome Webstore](

[More information here >> Ninja Cookie website](

Oh! It's free 🙂


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