10 Signs of a good Ruby on Rails Developer

I have been working as Ruby on Rails developer since last seven years with Josh Software, I felt that I should write down my learnings about the best practices followed by the RoR developer. How I learned …? of course to learn something you need to commit the mistakes, thats how we learn right?

[What all you should follow to be a ‘Good’ Ruby on Rails developer.](https://pramodbshinde.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/10-signs-of-a-good-ruby-on-rails-developer/)

4 thoughts on “10 Signs of a good Ruby on Rails Developer”

  1. >similarly varchar(10) vs varchar(255) vs text.

    At least in Postgres, there is no performance or any other gain of using `varchar(10)` and `text` is preferred ([source](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20326892/any-downsides-of-using-data-type-text-for-storing-strings))

    On a sidenote: I’m glad you mentioned 80 columns wide lines. I wrote blog post about it 3 years ago and it’s still the most heated on my blog. Expect some shitstorm here 😉

  2. Most of the points are really about coding culture in general. Only few points are about Rails, and still can be applied to any other language or framework.

    Not gonna devalue your work though. No offence.

  3. > You don’t ignore README.md

    I’ve recently started using `bin/setup` combined with docker-compose. While I like an up to date README, it’s really nice to jump on a project & everything is setup using somewhat common commands out the box 🙂


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