How to build a simple Hacker News clone using Django 3 – Video

Hi everyone, just released a new video tutorial 🙂

Hacker News is a very cool community. It's where all the coolest new things are being shared. Have you ever thought about building your own version of the site?

In this Django tutorial I will show you how to build a simple Hacker News clone using Django 3. I will begin by setting up a virtual environment to work in and then build the project piece by piece.

I hope this sounds like an exciting project to build. You should be able to follow along this video, even if you're a beginner. I try to explain everything I do, but if you have a question or you're stuck, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

YouTube link:

Todo list for this video:
\-Create and setup a virtual environment and install Django.
\-Create a new django project and create folders for the base structure
\-Create a django app for the core views and base template for the whole application
\-Make it possible to sign up, login and log out
\-Create a django app for the stories (submissions)
\-Make it possible to submit a story
\-Show the best stories on the frontpage
\-Show the newest stories on a "newest" page
\-Make it possible to vote on a story
\-Show the detail view of a story
\-Make it possible to comment on a story
\-View profile (username, number votes)
\-Create page to see your votes
\-Create page to see submissions
\-Create a simple search

I hope you like it 🙂

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  1. Hey I watched your twitter video! The way you manage your Django apps is good but it is something that I’ve seen only you follow!

    I’ve watched a lot of tutorials but no one uses that structure! Also it makes it a little hard to follow along!


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