I’m listing unmaintained Ruby projects

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was looking for some unmaintained open source Ruby project to put some hours in and turns out they are quite hard to find.
So I started listing and came up with a small collection.

I'm not thinking about building a huge list of projects, but to help those projects to meet their new maintainers.

Any help will be awesome!

The github repo is here: [https://github.com/attics/ruby\_attic](https://github.com/attics/ruby_attic)

13 thoughts on “I’m listing unmaintained Ruby projects”

  1. Here’s a big one:

    `paperclip` is unmaintained in lieu of `ActiveStorage`. For many upgrading Rails to 6.x with small projects, changing over from `paperclip` to `ActiveStorage` or another upload system (like `shrine`) isn’t that big of a deal. However, large, long-running projects that have hundreds of thousands of paperclip uploads is not an easy process (and quite expensive to maintain a fallback when using something like S3).

    I’d love to see someone branch off and create a variant (much like `cancan` => `cancancan`) to maintain compatibility in the years to come.

  2. I hope that the countries gem is still being mantained. Last time I checked there hasn’t been any activity since 5 months and 30 pulls and fixes requests pending. I needed to fork it

  3. A note about database_cleaner. If you move from rspec feature tests to Rails system tests you can use transactions again, and the gem becomes mostly irrelevant.


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