Learn how to build a simple Twitter clone using Django and Vue.js (3 hours+)

I love to create tutorials where I can help more people get into programming. The newest video tutorial I have created is called "Learn how to build a simple Twitter clone using Django and Vue.js" and it is around 3 hours long. It thought about doing a series like I have done earlier, but wanted to make one long video instead this time.

During this video, you will learn how to build a simple twitter clone / a simple social network. Some of the cool functionality I can mention is following users, direct messages, notifications and feed. You will learn a lot of Django in this video, but I have also used Vue.js to talk to the backend, for validation etc.

Here is a list of "tasks" I will go through during this video:

\-Setup and create project
\-Create folders for structure and similar
\-Create app for core views, oinks, userprofiles, notifications
\-Create base html files
\-Create front page with some information
\-Create login and signup page
\-Create page for "my feed"
\-Make it possible to sign out
\-Make it possible to write an oink (Vue.js - Submit and append to list)
\-Make it possible to search for oinkers and oinks
\-Make it possible to follow an oinker (Vue.js - Send using Ajax)
\-Make it possible to see my followers / who I follow
\-Make it possible to see who other oinkers follows / are followed by
\-Make it possible to like an Oink
\-Add page for conversations / direct messages
\-Make it possible to see a conversation
\-Make it possible to send a direct message (Vue.js - Submit and append to list)
\-Deploy to a server

If you want to see the video you can find it here:

I would really love to get your opinion on the content and similar here. What would you do different? Any other functionality you're missing that I could add in a follow up video?

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  1. It’s pretty cool but there’s one thing I wish it didn’t have –


    Would really love to see someone creating multi page apps with Vue and not use the CDN. Have you been able to figure this out, u/codewithstein?


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