GitHub announced Container Registry

Recently Docker announced that they reduces images retention policy. And now Github is introducing its own registry - . Looks like soon I will say goodbye to Docker Hub.

Migration guidance -
Docker response -

Docker Hub also has downloads limit -

Tried GitHub registry for one my project - worked pretty fine. Original (for DockerHub registry) workflow - . Modified for GitHub registry -

10 thoughts on “GitHub announced Container Registry”

  1. IIRC the new Docker retention policy is just limiting the age to 6 months or less, which isn’t a negative impact for me.

    I’m partly posting this to get corrected if I’m incorrect.

  2. Did the public service of Gitlab already allow something like that ?

    I know a private Gitlab installation allows for Docker repository

  3. I don’t get why people are taking this news as such a negative thing.

    All of us has used this service free of cost for such a long time, in the current situation if the company can not sustain this offering , the community should understand this and try to help.

    800 pulls in 24 hours , for an individual user this is more then enough.

    If your image is not pulled once in 6 months it will be deleted, why is this bad.

    If your requirement is more then what they have specified for free users, why not get a plan and help the company if it is something you are using for business.

  4. Every time someone comes out with a container registry they never state if they support Docker Content Trust and provide a notary endpoint or not. It’s one of the better and unfortunately lesser used free features of DockerHub.

  5. I’m using it atm, don’t like all the name though. I wanna feel free to name the container whatever I want as I used to with Docker Hub

  6. GitLab has had this for years. It’s not too big of a game changer really. GitHub just realized they need to offer more than standard git functionality to compete.

  7. Stupid question: why have an image that is 6months, 8 months, or even years old available? Why not every so often build a new one to replace it every so often?


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