Just did the official tutorial again 2 years later

I'm really impressed with this tutorial, I've just gone through it again to pick up some more tips based on what I already know. I have to admit, it's incredibly comprehensive and the addition of how to customize the Admin pages is an added bonus that gives some nice insight to the concept of overriding standard features, not to mention making it easier to see how they implement things.

I wonder if they would consider writing some more advanced topics like overriding class methods to help get a better understanding of CBV's or concepts of how to make forms dynamic, but maybe that's a more python thing than django.

Nice work django devs!

1 thought on “Just did the official tutorial again 2 years later”

  1. I’d would be nice for the tutorial if each step had a “common mistakes” section below it help troubleshoot. A very slight typo like capitalization of a single letter or lack of punctuation can break it or you could have an issue with pip, PATH, virtual environments, etc. that are different on different os and can be challenging for a newby to know how to diagnose. At least for me it took hours of googling on other sites outside of the tutorial just to get to a hello world level of having django up and running.


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