My first django project is now live – NoirDB, an online Film Noir database!

Happy to announce that I just deployed my first django project - NoirDB, an interactive online Film Noir database.

The address is -- [](

I've spent this year learning full-stack web development with a focus on python + django, and this is my first-ever project. The front-end was done with Bootstrap mostly, just so I could get something up & running; my main interest is python / django back-end work.

You can simply visit the site and search for movies, or (and this is the fun part) create a free account, which allows you to write reviews, mark movies as 'seen' and as 'favorites', and also build a 'watchlist' of movies you want to see.

Thanks for checking it out, fellow django-learners!

5 thoughts on “My first django project is now live – NoirDB, an online Film Noir database!”

  1. This is really cool. I’m working on something similar, but music-related, for my first django project. I’m curious how you populate the data for movies, people, credits, etc. Are you adding that by hand, or are you pulling from an external API?

  2. Just a heads up for anyone interested in the ongoing development of this project, I’ve done some pretty meaningful updates to NoirDB, all of which greatly enhance the front-end user experience of navigating / interacting with the website:

    • the Search box now has autocomplete implementation via jQuery

    • Movie pages now divide the cast into ‘Starring…’ and ‘With…’ so the stars of a movie show up first. This required some backend logic to determine which actors are ‘stars’, etc.

    • User interaction buttons now use ajax calls / jQuery so the Movie page doesn’t refresh when you click the buttons ‘Mark Seen’, ‘Add to Favorites’, ‘Add to Watchlist’ — this is a dramatic improvement in terms of creating a smooth user experience on the client-side.

    • the ‘All Films’ page now presents all the films on one three-column page, broken into alphabetized groups, e.g. “A…”, “B…” etc. Previously, it was one big list with numerous pagination links.

    • logging in now redirects to the page you were on when you clicked ‘login’, instead of redirecting to the index page.



    website here: [](

    github code here: [](


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