The Best Chrome Extensions I Can’t Live Without

Recently a few people asked me about which extensions I use, and through sharing my list I've discovered even better ones, so I thought I should share it with you guys here as well to leverage the power of the internet!

You can find the links and more details for all these extensions [here.](

## Privacy Badger + UBlock Origin 🛑

Ad and script blockers that make sites look cleaner, load way faster, and pry less. These are the first extensions I install on any browser.

## Hover + Unpaywall/ ByPass Paywalls 🔓

Say goodbye to Medium and journal paywalls.

## Shut Up 🤐

Keep negativity at bay by disabling comments by default, and enable only on platforms whose audience you trust enough to read their unfiltered outputs.

## Reader Mode 📖

Make it easy to focus on the text by using Reader Mode on distracting/badly formatted sites.

## Grammarly ✍🏻

Grammarly effortlessly corrects any pesky spelling and grammatical mistakes I make.

## Video Speed Controller ⚡

Allows me to control the video playback speed on any site. Set the default pace to 1.10x and you'll go through videos 10% faster without even noticing. Or you can go through lengthy monologues even faster than Youtube allows by setting it to 2.5x+

## The Great Suspender 💤

Makes Chrome use fewer resources by suspending tabs you're not using.

## Tab Snooze ⌚

Ran into an interesting website you'd like to check out, but don't have the time for it at the moment? Use Tab Snooze, and it'll magically reopen the tabs later.

## Google Keep/ Notion Web Clipper 📎

Save interesting websites/clippings/notes

## News Feed Eradicator for Facebook ⛔

Hide the infinite news feed to prevent wasting time and attention. Out of sight, out of mind.

## Minimal Twitter 🌟

Hide the gunk (trends, etc) and clean the UI

## View Image 🔍

## Brings back the view image button on Google Images! 🤗

# Nerd Section

Super awesome extension that adds tons of features to Github.

## Refined Github 🐙

Super awesome extension that adds tons of features to Github.

## WhatFont 🔡

Stop digging through CSS in Dev Tools to find out which font a site is using. Just enable WhatFont, hover over any text to see the font family and other text properties!

## WhatRuns+Wappalyzer

I use these when I want a quick overview of what stack/tools a site is using. The results are pretty basic though, so if I want to dig deeper I just end up googling it.

## Epubpress

Turns websites/articles that I want to take my time to read into epubs that I can later read offline, usually on my Kindle.

Aand that's it! You'll find the store links and more details here: []( .

I'd be happy to discover your favorite extensions. For more lists of cool stuff, you might want to check my cool stash: [](

For regular updates when I post other stuff like this, you can follow my Twitter @ [\_](

27 thoughts on “The Best Chrome Extensions I Can’t Live Without”

  1. As a salesperson, I can’t live without [ShortURL]( (it shortens long links), [Grammarly]( (it checks my typed words and indicates incorrect ones) and [SignalHire]( (to get contact details of potential clients/biz partners, etc.).

  2. I’ll add a few i can’t live without.

    [Buster – automatically solve google captchas](

    [I dont care about cookies – no more annoying cookie warnings](

    best in conjuncation with [cookiebro]( to whitelist cookies you want to keep and have chrome auto delete the rest.

    Also [typio]( to stop losing everything you type when things crash/reload

  3. uMatrix, can usually replace every ad blocker and privacy extension because you have to click through until a page looks complete.

  4. I have a few to add,

    * [vGet Extension]( to download embedded videos from some websites
    * [HTTPS Everywhere]( \- Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.
    * [The Great Suspender]( \- Suspend the tabs you aren’t using.

  5. Grammarly and Text Blaze. I write a lot for work and both of these chrome extensions are absolute life-savers. Obviously Grammarly is quite well known but Text Blaze is like the hidden gem that you need to get now and save yourself hours of repetitive typing.

  6. I’ll add a few I absolutely need at all times:

    [YouTube Enhancer]( Easily the best YouTube Enhancement Extension. Lots of features and easy to use. (Focused on looks)

    [YouTube Redux:]( Easily the best YouTube Enhancement Extension. Lots of features and easy to use. (Focused on small features).

    [Find Website Used Fonts]( Displays every font being used in a website.

    [HubVPN:]( Easily the best Chrome Extension VPN, could also use [ZenMate](, but HubVPN is a bit better.

    [Boxel Rebound]( Fun game.

    [Google Translate]( Easily translate from anywhere.

    [vidIQ:]( Displays YouTube videos statistics, very useful if you’re interested in that.

    [Volume Master]( Allows you to control your browsers volume perfectly and accurately.

    [Honey:]( Find coupons for you. Who doesn’t like saving money?


    [You No Cards:]( Removes YouTube end cards. (At the end of videos)

    That’s it, hope it helps! 🙂


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