I live in a studio apartment and I just started donating monthly to the Django project

tldr; please support Django!

It's only $5 bucks a month but it's something. I've worked in a lot of different frameworks. I've even foolishly tried writing my own (cough cough node). Django is special and isn't kidding when the slogan reads: "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines." The batteries included are the most incredible set of batteries ever, and the structure it creates through an opinionated workflow allows applications to scale with very small teams. I am working on an application for a non profit in New Zealand (i'm just north of New York City), and it is only possible to meet the requirements with such a small team because of Django.

I'm just so grateful for all the time these developers have put into this project. When my Wife and I grow our careers, get out of this studio apartment, and make more money I plan on helping support Django more.

Thank you Django team!

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