How I met the PM of my country by using django

It all started a year ago, when my uni had DBMS as a subject, we were supposed to make an website or an app using databases, I previously heard about django and how powerful it is, so I searched youtube and found a tutorial by Corey MS(great playlist for django), I only learnt upto views(ik I'm dumb) and then used cx_oracle for querying my database, it was simple pos client for my dad's shop, and I had to do it within a week, that was my first experience with django.

I thought whatever I knew about django to a few guys in my class, we then used this to make an events website for our department, a basic web interface to register participants and manage them across multiple sub events, (again without models) but this time we hosted it on aws, using a EC2 instance, was a pain in the ass to setup, but worked nonetheless (again ik I'm dumb), It all lead upto this quarantine, where me and one of the guys freelanced for a new startup to build thier website, only here did we really unleash the abilities of django, we used forms, models, views, admin panel, it took us a month, but it involved the time we took to learn! We also then discovered about heroku, it's easy to deploy nature made it such an ease to push updates and configure dns for websites.

With all this under our selves, me and my team started to work on a hackathon conducted by the government, this was an amazing opportunity, but our statment was to build a chatbot, and me as a rookie, asked multiple people what stack to use, a lot of people said not to use django, but then one day I stumbled upon a youtube video from the django SF convention, it was about websocket, I was only considering API(http polling) but that video opened my eyes, we soon used that to develop a django channels application and since the chatbot logic was written in python, it was much easier to integrate, a few weeks later, right before the hackathon finale, we got a call from the PM office, saying that I am selected to talk to the PM(He talks to the students every year for this hackathon).

Ik other skills were at play here, but the confidence that django gave me, just made it that much easier to open up and take up any project that I wish to do on the web! Either ways, I really love the community here, this is my go-to place when I'm stuck at a roadblock! Thank-you all for being this amazing community!

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  1. Why do you keep iterating you’re dumb? The experience states otherwise.

    Congratulations for your achievement, can you link the website you built for the hackathon?

  2. Your not dumb you were just learning .

    I remeber last year when I first started learning django I hardly understood how It worked.

    Never the less I created a simple crud investment tracker for my self. manualy creating the forms and using the default classes like updateview deleteview etc it just worked I used to think how on earth does django know which value to save the db i thought it was by use of ids lol I now know it’s by name.

    Since then Im building on a better investment tracker that is a lot more advance that my simple crud investment tracker I’m intending to realese it sometime this year I started designing it in feburary with figma and coding it in march it’s a lot more complex using axios for GET, POST getting data of 3rd party compaines for live stock data and using chart.js for charting I have learned so much about how django works underhood since starting and glad that I have. When I have finished the project and realsed it Im going to be donating £100 to django software foundation without django I don’t think I would be coding at all.

    Very interested in what PM you met?


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