Any extension to save bandwidth?

Context: All internet providers cut off coverage in my area because of police based paramilitary organization (yeah) so I only can use 4G network. And it's only 100GB a month.

I'm already using an extension to set YouTube videos to 144p as default and another to disable images.

Any ideas to save even more data?

Do you guys know an extension just to disable big images and allow small ones?

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  1. Nord VPN has solution for areas like China and/or Turkey where services are somewhat limited. But try after you reduce usage.

  2. Perhaps some of the privacy addons can help some to. Lot of them remove links: privacy badger, decentraleyes, for example. Noscript can block various sorts of things, but it’s rather extreme these days.

    Also maybe browser settings. There use to be away to block the loading of images in some browsers. There are ways to prevent autoplay of video content.

  3. If you have a facebook account, dont use the facebook app, or the desktop facebook website,

    facebook has a number of different mobile versions of the site which you should use if you want to save data, as the previously mentioned versions are massive data hogs.

    In order of data usage from highest to lowest:



    []( (this one may only be available if facebook has done a deal with your 4G network provider, but it uses the very bare minimum of data)


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