Why I use Django

I have been developing applications for almost 10 years. For most of those years, I've done it primarily to make money for other people. Yes, I get paid for being their developer, but mainly I'm building their product. This made me happy. I have always enjoyed diving into cool programming languages and solving complex business problems. But it was always for other people.

I have recently developed a pretty popular product for a niche market. Not a project, but a product. When it comes to making money, optimizing for time, and focusing on things that matter, Django is the framework for me. Don't get me wrong - FastAPI and Flask are cool. I like having a lot of control over my app. But I also like building a feature in a few hours then going fishing - knowing that the customer really doesn't care what it was built with. I know that my code will just work. I know that I can find a module to help with my features, and just plug it in. I like knowing that I can create chron jobs that will run on my celery queue with minimal config. I like being able to throw my app up onto a box and it just works. Most other Frameworks are mentally taxing and don't have enough rules for me. And therefore, it's easy for me, to get bogged down into things like best practices, code structure, cute 3rd party modules, and 1,000 other things that are fun, but really just a distraction.

When I was a young buck, I liked configuring my text editors and optimizing sql queries to the micro-nano-milli-jilli-second. I thought it was fun to learn the latest and greatest technologies, and debate the latest flavor of nosql. But now, in my old age (30), I have a really strong desire to make the most amount of money I can, but by exerting the least amount of effort. I still enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and diving deep into the weeds of business logic - I am, indeed, a developer. But Django is the framework that lives up to its tagline - the framework for perfectionist with deadlines.

Django has helped me do the 1 thing I've never been able to with any other framework - make money with a product I own.

Cost of tinkering around with web microframeworks on Digital Ocean for 4 years... $5/month.

MRR of a product I built in 14 days with Django.. $6,000 (and growing).

Knowing that Django can do it again with my next big idea... Priceless.

Thank you Django. I stayed away from you because I thought I wanted tinkering, atomic control, "requests per second" (whatever that means) and the next shiny thing. But you knew what I really wanted - the ability to build scalable webapps quickly.

And that, is why I use Django.

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  1. That’s super cool! It’s always nice to boost the confidence of newer Django adopters, since they’re always getting scared off by people saying Django is slow, when it really isn’t. Btw, about creating a product that’s profitable, would you say that it’s all about having a good idea or is there something else to consider?

  2. This is really inspiring you make me want to work harder! I have no scope of this but do you know if people often make apps/websites that end up making money and then drop out of college or quit their job? Or would you say developing your own app/website is more commonly a side thing?

  3. I’ve really enjoyed working with Django too. Thanks for sharing your story and your success.

    I’m curious your take on Class-based views vs. Function-based views? It’s one of the few areas where Django seems surprisingly un-opioninated…

  4. I really want to feel the same way as you but I always end up fighting with Django’s UI. Are you using the native template engine? Are you writing styles in CSS (as opposed to scss or alternatives) without any minification?

    I appreciate Django’s strong opinions and I rave about it as a backend. You can take someone “off the street” and as long as they learn “the Django way” they can work on your codebase. There’s a lot of value in that.

    But the UI man, I just always end up fighting with it.

  5. Congrats! What was the product if you don’t mind sharing? Is this niche something that you were involved in or just came across?

  6. I also use Django for MVP’s, but in rare case of success then comes a CTO and the story goes the other way. What is the product you mentioned btw?

  7. May I shamelessly plug what others have built in, not two weeks, but a couple of hours?


    Because your project is missing the reference point and the only reference is simple CRUD. Hence, I think to use Django is like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly 😉

    To conclude, yes, the above project can be built with Django/Flask/at al.

    I would looove to hear how long does it take tho. And how much will maintenance cost, etc etc.


  8. You said you use Digital Ocean. Do you store your databases on their disk or do you use a third party integration for that?


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