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Welcome to /r/djangolearning!

I took over moderation of this subreddit several months ago after noticing that the existing mods were no longer active on Reddit and many posts were getting caught up in the auto-mod filters. Since that time I have approved various posts that got caught up by auto-mod, but had not really found the time to do much else.

Today we have new post flair, a slightly new look (clear your cache), some subreddit rules, and a wiki with resources for beginners.

I welcome additional ideas and recommendations to make this subreddit even more *beginner-friendly* and *useful*. This subreddit was a lifesaver for me as a beginning with django, and I want to ensure it continues to help those new to django.

Thanks to all of you who contribute on /r/djangolearning! The wealth of knowledge you all share here makes a big difference, and I know it is appreciated even if sometimes it can feel like thankless work.

\- /u/pancakeses

4 thoughts on “Welcome – Please Read”

  1. Congrats, u/pancakeses!

    It would be nice to see some of the recommended books in the wiki. Will Vincent books and Two Scoops of Django come to mind, but there are likely others.

  2. I would suggest to add a new rule: **Always format your code correctly. If the code is spread across multiple lines, use the block code format.**

    Honestly, it’s the least people can do, seeing that we’re helping for free and with no personal gain.


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