Should vagrant deb/rpm packages be published as a repository?

@HashiCorp seems to consider is not up to them to publish Vagrant packages inside a repository, so users can update. They even locked the bug at to prevent others from commenting on it.

While I can understand stuff like "we did not had time to do it yet", I cannot really find any plausible explanation for publishing DEBs/RPMs without a repository for them. This is like saying that life cycle management is not even considered and the they still expect users to do things by hand, without automation.

Maybe someone realizes the mistake done and unlocks the ticket, for start. The irony is that producing a repository is not much more complex than running a sigle CLI.

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  1. It’s a snarky way of asking for a feature request for an open-source product. Since you feel strongly about this, why don’t you take it upon your self to provide, maintain, update and manage a repository. Maybe you could find an existing repository to add as many version/builds of rpm’s and deb’s as everybody thinks they will need.

    Opensource projects are always needing volunteers


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