Hidden Gems/ Underrated Flask Tutorials – Julian Nash’s youtube series

Hi All,

I stumbled across this Flask tutorial series by Julian Nash on youtube and it was really really good. I made this post because this dude has \~5k subscribers and he definitely deserves much more than that cause the tutorial covers what are imo real world use cases/scenarios of flask. Please do check it out and see for yourself.


Also, I am sure there are a lot of tutors/teachers/tutorials that are often overlooked whenever anyone is asking for suggestions to learn a new topic, in this case Flask. I was hoping people can also comment their own list of tutorials they feel have been overlooked/that are underrated/ are "hidden gems" and maybe help increase their audience and support them.

Cheers. 🙂

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  1. +1 for this – really helped me understand the basics. The combination of video and accompanying web page with code samples is great as a reference as well.

    I was new to web frameworks in general and wanted to understand as much as I could from the ground up, so the Flask mega tutorial turned me off when it introduced wtforms and flask-login right away.

  2. this is a great idea. i’ll keep this thread stickied for a little bit. here’s a series i really like:

    [Hackers and Slackers: Build Flask Apps](https://hackersandslackers.com/series/build-flask-apps)

    not 100% sure if this one is underrated but hopefully it’s new to some people. i really like this series of articles because they’re generally way more realistic than most other flask guides.

  3. Great, thanks so much.

    And if you’re thinking of posting yet another tutorial, or even making one, but think there are already enough, please do it anyway!

    What’s far more important than the facts is that you mesh with the teaching style of the teacher. I’ve watched five tutorials on the exact same subject and haven’t understood it at all, but then the sixth, just in how it was phrased or presented opened up the whole topic for me.

    So the right amount of tutorials is more, more, more!

  4. As I was beginning in web dev, I found the content on Rithm school’s website very helpful. It’s slightly out of data (most stuff is from 2017 / 2018) however the content is still very practical and great for persons getting into web dev.


    Content includes:

    * Unix and terminal
    * Git and Github
    * Html and CSS
    * All Javascript
    * Python language
    * Flask
    * Reactjs

    Content is free and covers stuff not all online courses do such as Database basics / structure, Datastructures, and Algorithms. If someone is looking for a place to start and can’t keep up with video tutorials I highly recommend this.

    Another tutorial but maybe more well known is Real Python’s Flask by Example.


    The articles itself are not a full tutorial on Flask however it is a very good updated demonstration on Flask configuration and processing. If you plan on making an app that requires a Redis task queue or some kind of functionality other then simple CRUD operations this tutorial is a good starting point.

    It is a good point to remember that Flask is a simple framework that allows python to respond to HTTP requests. This is the same as Javascript’s Expressjs / Nodejs. While the code and setup or not the same, you will find many similarities in the process or general idea of implementing something. If you have a general understanding of Flask and find a specific tutorial only in Expressjs, it is very possible to take the general ideas from the Expressjs class and move it to Flask. This is especially relevant when 3rd party API’s are utilized.

  5. Julian’s tutorials are great! I enjoy watching them myself. Earlier this month, I’ve started posting python/data science tutorials on my [blog](https://blog.thecodex.me/) and [website](https://thecodex.me/). I’m hoping that the project based approach will help people learn to build rather than just get stuck doing tutorials.

    \- How to Build a Weather Dashboard for Zip Code with Flask ([link](https://blog.thecodex.me/weather-dashboard-python-and-flask/))

    \- Build a Speech Recognition App With Python & Flask (Almost done, posting tutorial tmrw)

    Every tuesday I try to release a new project tutorial in python related topics (flask is one of my favorites). Does anyone have project suggestions that they would like to see a guided tutorial of?


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