Facebook Container – adding Whatsapp?

I currently use Facebook containers and multi-account containers. Facebook containers work quite well for isolating Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram; however, I noticed that the same is not being done for Whatsapp. Is there a way to modify this myself - or would I need to open an issue on Github?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Container – adding Whatsapp?”

  1. Why? There is no need to have whatsapp in the same container than facebook.

    If you really want it, you should be able to add it using the MAC extension and setting it to always open it on fb container.

  2. This extended version of Facebook Container includes WhatsApp.


    Github: [https://github.com/NewAlexandria/awesome-browser-containers](https://github.com/NewAlexandria/awesome-browser-containers)

    You can borrow their technique if you want and use it in your own extension. They’re pretty easy to put together, surprisingly.


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