This community is awesome!

I somehow hadn't noticed anything special about this community, but this thread today is so overwhelmingly positive...

Failed a Laravel coding exercise for a job, looking for some feedback. from laravel

Everyone is so helpful and polite. OP is keen and takes every comment well even the one where I accidentally sounded condescending ("[..] just shows you don't understand [..]" was quite 🤦‍♂️).

And upvotes everywhere. It turns out this is one of the very friendliest programming subs. I am pleasantly surprised by you all!

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  1. This sub is awesome. I try to visit daily as i am learning the ins and outs of laravel. That being said, that thread just reminds me how horrible interviewing is in tech. Spending 8 hours on a code challenge unpaid is asinine.

  2. > this thread today is so overwhelmingly positive…

    > Everyone is so helpful

    > and polite.

    > OP takes every comment well

    > friendliest programming subs

    Wait until we get 1M active users. I always like to prove my theory than the larger the user base becomes, the toxic it can get.

  3. Both on laracasts and reddit are pretty chill and helpful. Non toxic and people will always find a feedback to help you. I love Laravel because of this!

  4. What a lovely positive post. It’s true, one of the framework’s best assets is its community. Best of luck with your Laravel journey!

  5. Every time I post a question here it gets downvoted without comment. I realize this is a reddit wide thing, but it’s pretty rough. Just happened to me minutes ago. I posted a question about Laradock. Is it downvoted because it’s not laravel specific enough? Is it a stupid question? I just wish downvotes were accompanied by explanations. EDIT – and maybe even suggestions of where to ask if this is the wrong community

  6. I totally agree. The Laravel community is warm and welcoming, transparent and very active. I am wondering what’s the reason for that?

    For work I currently have to look into **Django** and besides having a solid documentation there is just not much going on. Everything concerning the “developer experience” (I know, dreaded term) seems dated and not welcoming to new users. While the framework itself might be slim, performant and functionally great, it is—just like Python—also very opinionated. (Partially Laravel is too, but not to that extent.) That especially causes friction in the learning process, if you are new.

    The open and friendly Laravel community seems to excel at that. When I started off, I was able to quickly grasp what the essential patterns and concepts are and understood the reasoning behind them. You also quickly get drawn into the vast package eco system and most often will be able to find a solution. I actually learn a lot from that. Every package maintainer has their own reasoning for doing things the way they have chosen to and usually lay this out clearly in the documentation. The more you read, study code and try things the better you understand. With Django I often don’t even know where to look for help or guidance and I am hitting one barrier after another.

    If I am new to a framework/language or even a larger package I try to surround myself with content about it, be it on GitHub, Twitter, reddit, maybe even podcasts or the occasional YouTube video. Resources like Laracasts or the official podcast and available recordings of conferences plus the countless very active developers and maintainers that constantly produce content in form of blog posts, tweets, videos, books and courses make it easy to allow knowledge acquiring by diffusion.

    But what attracted those to come to Laravel in the first place and why are other frameworks not as successful?

    (PS and disclaimer: I’m not trying to bash on Dango. It just reflects my most recent experience and therefore serves as an example for the comparison. Maybe this is also just my fault and I wasn’t looking in the right places. It’s off-topic, but I’d be very happy for every hint ✌Thanks a lot!)


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