Building a SaaS on YouTube using Django and Vue.js – Video series

Two months ago I started a video series on my YouTube channel where I'm building a simple SaaS from scratch using Django and Vue.js. I wrote about it here on Reddit:

Anyway, I have just completed part number 18 where I show you how to deploy the project to a server.

You can find all the 18 parts in this playlist:

During this series I build a web app where you can organize your bookmarks. The project includes two different payment plans (I use Stripe as the payment gateway).

What do you think about the whole series? Should I make any follow up videos?

I know that the project isn't polished or anything. But the main point was to show you how to build a project like this from scratch to deployment. If you're complete beginner, you should definitely read more about security and similar before you release this to the public.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me 🙂

3 thoughts on “Building a SaaS on YouTube using Django and Vue.js – Video series”

  1. I noticed you aren’t using a payments app (dj-stripe, django-payments, etc.). I’m building subscriptions right now (using dj-stripe) on a project and I was wondering if it’s preferable to do it this way. Currently having a few issues so I’m considering removing dj-stripe. Would like to know the opinion of someone with more experience.


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