I created Django CRUD REST API Generator with UI


I realised when I needed simple CRUD APIs, I'd repeat the same steps over and over and decided to create a web tool for it.

With this tool, you give your models and fields, and it generates:

\- [models.py](https://models.py) with given models,

\- [views.py](https://views.py) with DRF generic views for all CRUD operations,

\- [urls.py](https://urls.py) with "/api/model" and "/api/model/<:id>",

\- JWT authentication,

\- docker-compose, ready to run the project with only single command on your machine.

This may not be a production ready tool but I have benefited from it, and might keep extending it depending on the feedbacks. Stay safe all!

Demo: [https://django-apigen.herokuapp.com/](https://django-apigen.herokuapp.com/)

Repo: [https://github.com/mehmetalpsumer/django-rest-api-generator](https://github.com/mehmetalpsumer/django-rest-api-generator)

9 thoughts on “I created Django CRUD REST API Generator with UI”

  1. Nice app. I’ll use it the next time I start a project.

    You have spelled “instructions” wrong in the main page.

  2. Nice one dude! Definitely will use in future projects. Also will check and let you know or I’ll contribute if anything else is required.

  3. I looked thorugh your source code and I really like the mix of Vue and Django. Also can you talk a bit about your experience using **quasar ?**


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