Anyone bought or can recommend the new Two Scoops of Django 3.x?

It's only available as [e-pub download]( at the moment and still in alpha but they say on their website:

>**Will there be a discounted ebook/print bundle?**
>For people who buy the e-book now we'll send a big discount code when the print edition is ready.

I'm a bit hesitant to buy because it's not clear what this discount will be. It costs $45.95 for pdf download at the moment. If the "discount" for the physical book is simply the difference between it and the e-book then I would purchase the e-book now, otherwise I'll wait. I emailed them for clarification but did not get a response. What do you reckon? Is it worth getting?

Edit: Ok, you guys have convinced me it's worth it to buy it. Thanks 🙂

6 thoughts on “Anyone bought or can recommend the new Two Scoops of Django 3.x?”

  1. Yes – I’ve worked with Django for about a year, and this book already helped me improve what I know about Django. There are some chapters obviously missing until they’ve been added but it’s pretty good. Highly recommend, especially if you’re looking to move to Django 3.

  2. Yes. I was lucky to grab it at launch with a hefty discount, but it’s worth every penny at the full price.

    Keep in mind the authors will update the book for Django 3.x, with big changes coming in 3.1 and 3.2, so you basically get three editions.

  3. Yes and yes.

    I have a hardback copy of the 1.8 book. I read about half when I decided that if I’m going invest so much time reading, I want the latest version. It’s well worth the $45 to make sure I’m getting the latest information.

  4. No matter for what price you eventually buy it – this will be the best investment in your development. Read older version (1.8 i guess). It was eye opening.

    People have put incredible amount of time and energy into this book. Just buy it.


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