OMG! I just got my first user on my rails app

Doing webdev for almost a 2 years, started with JS, drove me crazy. Just wanted to learn to build something without doing to much my self. Found out about rails, started building some simple stuff, like a blog. After that build a app for my brother, and wrote some SEO about it.... and finally got my first user today! even if it is just a free user (have a free restricted plan and a premium plan) it is a great feeling!

5 thoughts on “OMG! I just got my first user on my rails app”

  1. Awesome! What is the app? I’m also working on a SaaS that I’m hoping to launch soon and can’t wait for the day I will have my first user/customer! What are yoj using for payments?

  2. Same! I’ve been building a b2b application for the last 6 months and just launched a beta version with some selected customers yesterday. It’s such a great feeling to have real people use something you have built and give feedback and stuff.

  3. Wow you mean you just implemented your idea in ruby, using a framework that sends html over the wire? How hipster of you. No react (with typescript) frontend/node backend?? I’m shocked.


  4. Congratulations! That’s the Rails promise, delivered!

    I remember reading my first Rails recipe after toying with Perl and the LAMP stack for a couple of years and not really getting anywhere, and having this feeling of, “oh, my god. I could actually do this”.


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