100% off Laravel and VueJs Udemy Course

For 3 days I'm giving away my course for free. I'm constantly adding videos to this course. This will probably be the last time I give this course out for free, so please grab it while you still can.

This course is really great especially if you want to improve your Laravel and VueJs skills.


31 thoughts on “100% off Laravel and VueJs Udemy Course”

  1. Great, I’m more into react, but seems for Vue to make things easier with laravel. Will try it out. Thank you!

  2. I go into it. It shows 100%off and amount lined out. Once I click and go to checkout it doesn’t say 100% off anymore but a lower amount and charging.

  3. Thanks man, how do you write content for these videos? I alway have hard time teaching others and envy people that can create there courses.

  4. Thank you! I will definitely go through the full course, I’m currently at the end of section 4 and it has been easy to follow for now and you seem like a pretty knowledgeable guy.

    I have heard a lot of bad things about GoDaddy though, why are you choosing to use them? ^Oh, ^and ^your ^gmail ^inbox ^has ^10,500 ^notifications, ^good ^luck ^checking ^those ^out ^lol

  5. Thanks for taking the effort to make a video.
    Things first off:

    Laravel is misspelt on your first video / slide.
    Second, it’s really difficult to see what you are typing.
    Third, edit your videos. We don’t want to see you searching for tabs and windows. That should be all prepared beforehand.


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