Just a thank you

One of the main reasons why I dived into Rails was because I heard about how good the community is - and boy did I experience that. Here and the Slack group.

I dived into this with pretty much zero experience in Rails about two months ago and a month ago I deployed a production ready API using ECS.

I have this wonderful community here to guide me along the way and clear any pesky little doubts I had.

So, thank y’all!

8 thoughts on “Just a thank you”

  1. Nice work buddy! That’s a hell of a lot of progress for two months! Congratulations and I hope you stick around in rails land for a while to come yet✌️

  2. How much programming experience did you have before starting rails? I’m on month two of rails experience, after only starting to program about 4 months ago, and I believe I have about a month to go before deploying my first site.

  3. Glad that you’re enjoying your time with Rails. Always warms my heart to see the community getting along.

    If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂


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