Built my first Django website

Hey fellow Redditors,

As part of learning web development and artificial intelligence, I created a website @ https://www.mynameisremy.com where you can teach Remy, a kitten AI about the world. Remy's knowledge will grow from what you teach her.

When she will have learned enough from people, you may prompt her on any topic ranging from science to race to gender to religion anything and she will reflect what the majority has taught her.

Remy is an experiment to prove that people, as well as computers, primarily learn bias from others/environment. (A good research paper discusses this @ https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2018.07.045)

You may follow Remy on twitter @remy_ai or @remykittenai on fb to get a notification when she is ready to talk.

Remy's AI brain is based on GPT-2, a language model released by Open AI.

I'm sure I made a lot of mistakes even on this project which seems so simple but I'm happy that I'm getting familiar with the framework everyday and that's a pure joy. I'm pretty sure that a lot can be improved when it comes to web development and I'm open to critique and discussion. And I would love it if you have some suggestions to improve my web development skills.

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