Useful Firefox extensions

My Mozilla Firefox extensions list:

* [uBlock Origin]( \- ad blocker
* [OneTab]( \- move all tabs to one tab with a single click, multiple groups with tabs, restore whole group of tabs with a single click (same as "Set these tabs aside" in old Edge)
* [Gesturefy]( \- mouse gestures, wheel gestures, rocker gestures
* [Hyper Drag]( \- super drag, drag text, links, images to open in new tab and more
* [Dark Reader]( \- adjust brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, font settings and ignore-list
* [Video DownloadHelper]( \- download videos, or/and copy video link to play in video player (PotPlayer, MPC-BE, VLC...)
* [Zoom Page WE]( \- custom zoom levels, full zoom/text zoom, keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and other options
* [Undo Close Tab]( \- 1-click button to open last closed tab, right click to show menu with last closed tabs
* [Go Up Button]( \- go up one level (it doesn't work at all sites)
* [Close Tab in Context Menu]( \- "Close tab" item in the context menu to close tab easily
* [Cycle Last Used Tabs]( \- 1-click button to toggle between last two tabs (like Ctrl+Tab)
* [Read aloud]( \- TTS - Text-To-Speech, read any site aloud, auto-detect language, options to change voice, speed, pitch, volume, keyboard shortcuts to Play/Pause, Stop, Forward, Rewind
* [Automatic Spelling Language]( \- auto change dictionary for spell checking
* [Facebook Container]( \- prevent Facebook from tracking around the web
* [CopyTabTitleUrl]( \- copy tab title and link in custom format with a single click to paste (also) in the forums (no need to copy name and link separately and click the URL button)
* [Paste and Go Key]( \- paste URL/text from clipboard and open it in the same tab, or new tab in foreground or background, with a single click to button or using a keyboard shortcut
* [Duplicate tab]( \- duplicates the current tab from keyboard shortcuts or when you click the icon
* [Forecastfox]( \- weather forecast, current weather within the toolbar button, many useful options

You can add your own list, for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Useful Firefox extensions”

  1. Can use Vimium for:

    * Duplicate Tab ===> **yt** or **yyp** (And it wont conflict with Dark Reader’s toggle key)
    * Paste ang Go ===> **p or P** (new tab)
    * CopyTabTitleUrl ===> Not builtin but you can map like this: ` copyWindowInfo type=”tab” format=”[${title}](${url})”`
    * Cycle Last Used Tabs ===> **,** or **\^**
    * Go Up Button ===> **gu** and **gU** for root
    * Undo Close Tab ===> **X**

  2. [Livemarks]( : a must have for rss feeds folder in the personal bookmarks bar

    [Addon update notifier]( : shows a notification bottom right of screen when an addon have been update

    [Imagus]( for see pictures by hovering them on websites with lot of options

    [ublock origin]( block advertisements, clean websites of spams, ads.. a must have


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