Just launched a SAAS app – built with Flask/Vue/Mongodb + Websockets

link: [https://www.mixedcrm.com](https://www.mixedcrm.com)
Flask is amazing, the elegant framework design allows infinite productivity and very fast prototyping.

Some of my clients wanted to move away from their legacy real estate workflows so they asked me to create a tool that allows multiple people to sell and generate agreements/offers, I used Vue/Flask added websockets to enable realtime reloads on the dashboard.

The landing page was built with [Enferno](https://www.enferno.io) (V3) just released it a few days ago, I will be posting some tutorials soon on how to leverage some of its nice new features.

Also I have to give credit to [https://saaspages.xyz/](https://saaspages.xyz/) , amazing resource to help you quickly build a page focused on the most important principles.

12 thoughts on “Just launched a SAAS app – built with Flask/Vue/Mongodb + Websockets”

  1. That looks like an interesting framework. I will give it a try this week. Is there any blog content around this? How it was created, how can we build on top of this?

  2. Wow. That’s a very cool app, sir!
    I’ve been thinking in creating a VUE+Flask app, do you have any recommendations or tutorials to make them work together?

    Edit: missing ‘have’ in the question.

  3. Congrats u/level09 . I too have started a journey to build an Flask rest based backed for React Frontend. Have few questions for you :

    1. Which additional libraries did you use such as Flask-Restx , Marshmallow , SQLAlchemy , Blueprints
    2. How were API’s designed ?
    3. Why Vue instead of React , any pro’s you have observedHow did you structure your Flask project
    4. Which resources did you refer to build the site ?

    Eagerly awaiting for tutorials

  4. Congrats, looks neat. If you don’t mind me asking how was your saas journey with flask? Do you have any resources or tips for building a saas product with flask?

  5. Great job. This is so neat, clean, and minimalistic. What did you use for WebSockets? That is something I always struggle with in Flask. Any resources that you could point me to?

  6. Hello mate! Check your hamburger menu… if you click on any of the menu links it leaves the cross instead of the menu making for some confusing interaction… I guess it was meant to be used with actual links and not links inside the page… you have to do some java there so that when the user clicks on any of the menu options the class for the menu button is set back to hamburger menu.

    Keep up the hard work


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