Facebook New Design, slow and laggy

Hello, I am using Chrome on win10 everything else is fine but facebook is running very slow and feels laggy. When i hover mouse over several button in facebook they take time to follow up with cursor and video buffers fine but plays after 2 to 3 seconds with controls freeze and only audio playing in that time. I have already disabled autoplay and i have a very beefy pc with ryzen 3950x with 32GB ram...

8 thoughts on “Facebook New Design, slow and laggy”

  1. Excessively laggy – though most of my experience is on MacOS. There it’s really slow in chrome, and a lot slower (if that’s possible) on safari. The worst aspect is as I scroll down my timeline it doesn’t take that long (minutes) for it to descend intro treacle.

    The mobile apps work fine but facebook is becoming unusable in a browser – indeed I’m using it much less recently as it just isn’t useable.


  2. So mentally retarded. Its not working at any point!
    Feel like throwing molotovs at their company building for being this fucking stupid, forcing shit down our throats instead of giving people a optional choice !!!

  3. This new interface runs like garbage. Very slow. Reports read notifications as unread half the time. If this is the “new” experience, oh god.

    They really don’t expect to just be able to throw desktop UI by the side completely? Desktops won’t just disappear one day, no matter how popular smartphones are. Some designs are just better suited for tasks than others. (Mind you, if smartphones become fast enough to be able to virtualize, and all I need to have is peripherals where I’m located, for monitor and I/O… that’d be interesting.)

  4. My workaround for this bullshit new UI is to have Facebook run only on an Incognito tab, while I do my work, and watch YouTube, and do literally everything else on the normal browser.

  5. Thank God, it’s not just me. I also have issues when typing since most of the time it freezes when I type and then the letters come out a second or two later and it’s extremely annoying


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