Visual docker-compose.yml file generator

Hi all,

I made a little tool a while back to help me generate quick docker-compose files for a bunch of projects that come my way, and also to keep references around without having to dig through repo code.

The site is here []( I have a simple sample of a complete project here []( which can be cloned and tweaked.

I have a few features that I am working on that I will push out soon. They are; configurations options for build, networks, deploy, and secrets. The project is a WIP, so generated code format errors, incorrect differences between compose versions should be expected. One of the reasons why I am sharing this project now is to field suggestions, generated yaml corrections, and other features that people would like to see.



I would like to send out a huge thank you to the community for the great feedback and support on this project. There are many features, and of course bug fixes in the pipeline that will be getting pushed out soon.

I created a twitter account []( where I will share news and updates.

And there is also a GitHub org []( to report issues, feature requests, or open questions.

Thank you all again.

23 thoughts on “Visual docker-compose.yml file generator”

  1. Looks really interesting! I‘ll check this out on desktop, because it doesn’t work properly on mobile

  2. I don’t quite understand compose yet but this seems very handy! Any plans to make it opensource so we can self host it ourselves?

  3. Don’t forget to add support for custom images. Since some of my images are on private registries i couldn’t add them to the compose file.

    Also you should allow to write custom tags on images because some projects push a lot of images and DockerHub only shows the recent tags only, thus is impossible to select a known tag if isn’t displayed on the tag selector.

  4. Looks good. I wish the source code was available on your GitHub. Ill have a project like this on my to-do. I didn’t know about jsplumb, so thanks for that. Can you tell something about the back end? Things you should do different? And please make the code available I want to learn from it.

  5. Looks amazing! A feature/tip: it’ll be great if the default options for each container could be pre-filled. Ie: httpd, port 80

  6. What if I have a docker-compose file and I want to see a graphical representation of it instead of the other way around?

  7. I have a `docker-compose` file with the following images commands for two different services:

    image: postgres:alpine
    image: memcached:alpine

    How come they don’t show up when I search for them on the left frame?

  8. holy smokes! Quick glance and this looks like a dream tool! I love docker-compose files and i usually prefer them over running the command line way! good job!

  9. just wow. absolutely brilliant. few suggestions if you don’t mind

    1. ability to paste existing composer text on right-hand side editor.

    2. convert docker run/create to the composer command. (Yes I know about Composerize)

    2. change the text “relative path” and “destination” to container/host like portainer on the volume edit form. Maybe it’s only me, I found its little bit confusing.

    how to add network? am I missing something?

  10. Very simple GUI and good to start with. Maybe add an initial template and some more labels so newbies like me could get what we should start with.


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