My first flask app – an expense and budgeting tool – Tendie Tracker.

Hi all,

I spent almost 3 months working on a replacement for my expense/budgeting Excel file and yesterday I went live with it! It's called Tendie Tracker and is hosted on heroku. I wanted to polish it up and have it 'portfolio worthy' so I also made a domain and used Webflow and some other tools to give it a professional polish.

* Landing page:

* Heroku app:

* Repo:

Let me know what you think. I'd especially appreciate eyes on my code or repo structure. Or even suggestions on what kind of things I should learn next for Flask. I'm eyeing the mega flask tutorial and Harvard's web dev course that transitions from Flask to Django.

Thanks in advance.

17 thoughts on “My first flask app – an expense and budgeting tool – Tendie Tracker.”

  1. Loved it. I’m learning Flask too but I started pretty recently so I’m a total beginner. Your website looks awesome and it’s a very useful tool. I think that’s what you wanted right. Keep up the good work

  2. Nice! Just made an account and played around with it. Looks good! I also recently made my first app (in Django tho) that tracks total account balances and trends them on charts. They’re kind of similar but I like your color scheme and CRUD modals better. Well done!

  3. Really well documented and this seems particularly beginner friendly to contribute to or fork. Thank you for sharing!

    You mentioned CS50. Is that all your programming background? How long have you’ve been programming?

  4. I remember saw a comment from you about this, and I searched for it on web, I supposed it was still on development! Congrats!

  5. Really nice. I am also exploring flask to build some fun ML application app. Starred your repo for some guidance. Can you share how much does it cost to run the app on heroku? Thanks

  6. Good work, buddy! Neat Flask app.

    I did try it out and just one feedback off the top of my head. When I got to Reports > Spending Categories Report, I see that all the categories are having the same bubble color. Maybe you can try to display each category in a different color. It will look better.

    I’m going through a training called the Ultimate Flask Course by Anthony Herbert of Pretty Printed. You should try that out as he goes into a lot of detail on his course. The course is paid though and can be accessed for free if you have an O’reilly’s subscription. He also has a few free videos on YouTube and his own website.


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