6 thoughts on “What extension do you miss most that is available in other Browsers?”

  1. I miss extensions from pre-Quantum era, those still probably useable in Waterfox Classic, Pale Moon, etc.☺

    1. **Adblock Plus 2.x** – Before being converted to WebEx, it was very powerful. Ad and content blocker in one. It would list all blockable content in a page, so you would know the exact URL of the item: image, js, css, etc., with the approriate syntax too.
    2. **FlashGot** – Powerful mass downloader from the same creator of NoScript. It may had been the first one to be able to detect the separate audio and video DASH offerings on YouTube.
    3. **Tab Mix Plus** – In fact there was another similar add-on that first went unmaintained which I first used, it was more powerful at the time before a Firefox upgrade which probably ended it for good.
    4. **Image Context Menu** – Ability to reload all broken images only.

  2. I miss Scrapbook and Session manager (non quantum Firefox) . The remakes are nowhere near as easy to use or functional.


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