Detailed delve into Class Based Views

Hi, CBV's have been a constant confusion for me while learning django. Like many people I followed tutorials that make use of generic Class Based Views for a basic website, but found that I was unable to delve into them to extend any form of functionality as I found them too much of a black box, but I found this link and it goes into detail how they work by actually building a CBV from scratch. If anyone else struggles with these, this link may help, though I would argue this is not for absolute beginners but for those that can already pull a basic site together. [](

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  1. hey man, really great blog post, thank you for sharing it!

    However, your RSS thingy is brittle. I tried to add your blog to my rss feeder (Flym News Reader) and it fails. I was not even able to open the full rss response in my mobile browser (chrome). I assume the problem is that your RSS is way too large. Usually, in RSS feed you need to list last couple of entries (e.x. 5-7) – and not entire blog content.


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