Public service announcement: uBlock origin (an adblocker) is the best, no competition. If you use Adblock you should switch to uBlock.

Like many people for the last 15+ years I've been using Adblock. But recently many many websites have started fighting back with popups that cannot be closed telling you to "disable your adblocker and look at our ads or fuck off". And I always wondered why adblockers didn't just block these annoying AF popups too. Turns out they can - Adblock just chooses not to.

Enter Ublock origin. It feels like when I used Adblock for the first time - it actually works and does what you'd expect it to. No more ads. No more popups. I LOVE uBlock origin. And if anyone else recognises what I'm talking about you will love uBlock too.

10 thoughts on “Public service announcement: uBlock origin (an adblocker) is the best, no competition. If you use Adblock you should switch to uBlock.”

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  2. Site and web developers depend on ADs for livelihood.

    Especially in this trying times, people STOP using all kinds of Ad blockers. Its annoying but you are hurting someone’s only way to earn money now perhaps.

    Ofcourse its fine if you have premium AD free services for the site but other than that stop using them for now!

  3. 100% agree have been using it for about 2 years, what a change it makes to your viewing pleasure.
    Every now and then I turn it off to see what the real world looks like – runs back to his cave really quick as the world can’t really be that ugly………………..
    Only one issue is sometimes it does not display active buttons on a page – you just go incognito and everything is fixed.
    Simply it just works.

  4. As much as *I* love UBo and it’s functionality (which I use extensively for much more than just ad blocking), I find it a little too configurable for my elderly, slightly Luddite, generaly technophobic elderly parents. Wish there was some kind of Managed version with very little UI on their end, that I could access somehow (remotely or when I’m there visiting) to get up their lists and tweak them when a site they need doesn’t work right…basically do all the techy stuff you and I all find easy but that mystifies and frightens my old mom, who never really got this computer shit before and now is easing her way into dementia. This is why I use that shit old Adblock on their devices…it’s shit, but it’s less aggressive blocking and stuff breaks less when nobody is around who knows how to fix it.

  5. uBlock Origin is pretty great. Not to mention it’s a much more lightweight and less resource hogging extension compared to AdBlock

  6. Lol, you say uBlock Origin is the best, then finish the title with “Switch to uBlock”, which is COMPLETELY different and far inferior to uBlock Origin.



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