I added real-time chat to Microblog [review needed]

A nice feature add-on to the Microblog project as part of my learning through the [Mega-Tutorial](https://blog.miguelgrinberg.com/post/the-flask-mega-tutorial-part-i-hello-world).

This feature is implemented using **Socket IO** and eventlet async server.

**Source Code** : [https://github.com/adilcpm/](https://github.com/adilcpm/microblog)

**Live Version** : https://microblog.mcubeh.in

**Chat Related Files:**

* app/main/routes.py
* app/main/sockets.py
* app/static/chat.css
* app/static/chat.js

# Features

* Updates total no of unread chats
* Updates total no of unread messages for each chat
* Real time chat, no refresh
* Know when the other person is typing by a nice animation
* Know if the other person is online

I know my code is probably messy, and database design could be the worst design of all, and that's why i am asking everyone in the subreddit to go take a look at the application and also through the source code and provide feedback. And if anyone has any doubts how i implemented and deployed, be sure to reply.

The feedback can be good, can be bad, don't sugar coat it. Give it straight to me.

Thanks in advance, cheers !



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