Building a SaaS on YouTube using Django and Vue.js

I recently started (restarted and rebranded) a YouTube channel where i'm creating video tutorials where you can learn to code. My focus so far has been Django, but this will expand after a while. I've been thinking a little while of a "video series" I could start and landed on "Building a SaaS on YouTube using Django and Vue.js".

I'm going to start with installation and finish with deployment. I'm going to try to edit the videos as little as possible so that everything is as "real" as possible, but to many typos and similar is just boring to watch.

I'm going to document everything I do from start to finish when I'm building a simple SaaS. I most likely not going to publish the SaaS, it's mostly for entertainment. That said, I'm still going to show how to deploy it to production.

I've created an introduction video to the project you can watch if you're interested in finding out what kind of SaaS I'm going to build.


What do you think about this project? Could this be interesting to watch? If you want notification when my video are published, subscribe to my channel now 🙂


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