Are you running any type of Django app in production? I’d love to have you on my podcast to talk about your tech stack, lessons learned, etc. There’s already ~30 episodes


A few months ago I started a podcast to talk to folks about how they're running both small and large Django apps in production. For about an hour we'll talk about your project's tech stack, lessons learned and general tips for building and deploying your app.

The podcast is at:

The Django specific episodes can be found here:

There's only 1 Django specific episode at the moment (Dan Bader talked about how he runs and that episode was very well received here when I posted it.

This is the first time I'm posting a request here for submissions. I really hope to have some of you on. All submissions are welcome. That means personal side projects all the way up to large deployments running at scale.

If you want to be on the show, please fill out this short form to get the ball rolling Or, if you know someone who is interested please direct them to the above form.


21 thoughts on “Are you running any type of Django app in production? I’d love to have you on my podcast to talk about your tech stack, lessons learned, etc. There’s already ~30 episodes”

  1. If you want an ultra noob to chime in, I just deployed my first project to digital ocean on the weekend and just starting to test with a couple real clients this week. Was new to programming a year ago when I started learning Django/python.

  2. That sound a really good idea.

    I’m the lead tech at Air France ( France main airline) working on the software that manage freight in daily classical flight.

    I’m just afraid about my English skills…

  3. Hey I’ve been on a couple podcasts before, here’s a reference:

    I’ve worked with Django in 3 production environments, and my latest task is combining grpc/protobuf/websockets with an existing django codebase for a freeform chat app called Muze in NYC. We’re backed by Sequoia and have over 2000 users pre-release. Let me know if you want to talk about doing an episode.

  4. So the episodes are quite long right? I’ve just finished a project for physics outreach events but its not that big of a website (yet), so I’m not sure if I can fill the length of an average episode 😛

  5. If you want another newbie (to django) project, I just deployed a first project to and AWS cloud stack for a client! I would be happy to share my insights!
    Especially comparing this sort of deployment to other productions pushes I’ve done in the past

  6. Just launched my product (Closed beta). Used some NLP, ML integrated into Django backend. I started learning python about 3 months back, transitioning from Rails, Java, C/C++. Would really be excited to talk.

  7. There’s an internal app at work running Django, though it’s being retired soon.

    I could speak a bit to some design pitfalls the prior maintainers introduced that I had to fight against when they brought me onto the project.

    Can’t give too many specifics, being company internal stuff.

  8. I have one that nobody uses running. It’s supposed to be a fitness tracking app and connect to a mobile app. Did it more for the experience and for a portfolio piece.

  9. I’ve been running Django in prod for various projects since 2013. My current project (and biggest success) is an app that helps you manage your investments in a brokerage account. The backend is Django+DRF with Postgres for the main database and Redis for cache/queue.

  10. Give me a few months to finish but I’m building an ecommerce site for a computer store that feeds products from suppliers datafeeds. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

  11. More of a request for content than an ability to provide content, but I’d be very interested in how people manage deploying changes that require database schema migrations.

    Do they have a dev copy of the prod database where they try out their new idea and hope they caught any issues? How do they handle safely rolling everything back if they messed up?

    Tests help with some of this of course, but as I’m scaling up my primary production app I can’t help but feel terrified of what will happen if something breaks in a rollout and it’s not easy to undo since it’s changing the prod database.

  12. I have a pretty basic site at that runs on Django. It’s deployed on Pythonanywhere as I found deployment really daunting and it was super easy this way.

    I’d love to be on the podcast if you think the fit is right

    Edit: I messed up the link on my application, so please add www to it or else it doesn’t seem to load. Apologies and thanks!

  13. I am the lead developer (of a team of one!) at [Brightpath](, which is a very cool formative assessment tool. We have quite a footprint in Australia.

    I am by no means a ‘model citizen’ when it comes to deployment, but I’m sick of hearing from model citizens! We obviously have about as small a team as a company could have, however we have a very real and engaged user-base, some very cool tech, and contractual obligations to uphold. I feel that this area is underrepresented in most conversations about deployment and infrastructure, with the discourse usually dominated by either medium to large teams that can afford to sink a lot more time into infrastructure, or hobby projects running on budget servers.

    I went ahead and filled out your form.

  14. I’d have to ask my boss about it, But I am a developer on a metrics/analytics platform running Django with an elasticsearch backend and extensive utilization of celery.

  15. I’d have to ask my boss/work as its a purely internal tool but it’s been interesting.

    It started as a very small task management tool that became a reporting, task management and invoicing tool. The guy who initially built it learned on the job and it created some really weird mixture of great innovative architecture and just insanity. Heavy use of Celery-like tools and its all handled in Docker/Rancher with a suite of other tools.


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