I created a web app for rating, discovering, and discussing films, series, games, books and music using Django/Vue

Here it is: [www.peepthis.app](http://www.peepthis.app/)


Rate, discover, and discuss interesting films, series, games, books, and music. Connect with users with compatible taste. An SSR/SPA web app built with Vue/Vuetify/Nuxt on the frontend and Django REST Framework on the backend.


\-Rate, review, and track your media (films, series, games, books and music).

\-See your taste compatibility with other users, find users with the most compatible taste.

\-Receive personalized media recommendations based on your ratings, or browse the media database using various filters.

\-A fully-featured subreddit-style community (topics with nested comments) for each media title.

\-Create lists to organize your media, browse user-curated lists.

\-Fully-featured instant messaging between users and real-time notifications.

\-Change management system for updating the media database. Any user can submit new media titles or updates to existing ones, which are gated to mod approval.

\-Responsive design.

I’m a hobby coder and this is my first and only web project, but I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. If anyone has any questions about how I implemented something or how I got to this point, just let me know. I’d love to hear feedback/suggestions/comments, especially about design since that’s what I struggle with the most.

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  1. Excellent work! I understand you dont want to open source the project, but can give us a brief about the setup, how your apps were integrated especially with Vue. Thanks.

  2. How did you implement the change management? That’s a feature I’ve been struggling with on a project of my own. I’m also using Django/vue

  3. This is amazing. Congrats! I’m a beginner to Django. I have three questions.

    1. What are some good resources to learn adding login and create account function?

    2. What datebase did you use?

    3. Is there any specific reason for you to choose vue over bootstrap?

    Thank you!

  4. Kudos. By the way, I hope you’ve made sure that the data is readily accessible for ML usecases. That’s where everyone’s headed at some point. Also, if you coul make use of, I’m not very sure though, try the existing IMDb dataset. Probably would fit in for the seed data.

  5. This is an amazing project. I can’t believe you are a hobby coder because it feels like a professional web application.

  6. Wow it looks amazing. How much time it took to build it? Also, it may seem like a stupid question but did you used Django rest to build Apis

  7. Looks nice! One advice I can give you is not to make login mandatory for upvoting. This will show way more activity in your website making other people might want to consider using it faster (and then maybe after a while put the login wall back on).

    This may seem like a cheap move but so many huge websites/companies use it so why wouldn’t you 😉

  8. This is awesome and I could definitely see myself using this as I love discussing films. I’m impressed with all the interactive tags you’ve included. I’d imagine it took some time to design your database.

    I also love that dark theme is the default.

    Is there a feature for protecting users from potential spoilers?

    Also, just my opinion, but I feel like the sidebar is a bit too wide. It feels like it’s encroaching on the main content.

    Finally, the name ‘peepthis’ makes me feel like I’m on a very different, much less work-safe webpage haha.

  9. Hey, it’s an amazing work. Worthful if it has mobile application. And I’m a flutter cross platform app developer. If you néed help or having any ideas to move to mobile, just ping me.

    Congratulations for your hardwork. ❤️

  10. Oh my God! This is awesome! I really hope this gets right to the top. You deserve it after such a hard and proficient work.

    One question I have: How many time you put into this before you decided to make it public?

  11. Three questions:

    * Do you use Contenttypes for each media category (movies, games…)?
    * De you use Elasticsearch for the search functionnality?
    * How do you test the frontend and the backend?

  12. Nice project. I really want to know how you created nested comments. Did you use mptt library for django?

  13. are we able to see the Git for this? I am new to webdev and to putting my coding knowledge to practical use. I prefer vue over react as a front end, and Python is my main language so I prefer backend. But I cannot, for the life of me, find how to use front end with Django. Granted, I am new to backend and Django. I only find information about templates. So if it’s possible to see your code and how exactly a whole app does it that would be amazing. Or even just snippets of it. Or if you have any good video links that teach on this that would be amazing too!

  14. First congratulations on building it!

    I also want to build a website using Django and Vue. But I don’t know how to integrate them. It only should render the spa if the user is logged in. There should be a static homepage, where the user can log in. And when he logged in the spa is shown.

    Because the spa has a long loading time and it is extremely bad for SEO…

    Do you have any ideas on how to achieve it?

  15. Hi! As I’m planning to create a project using Django DRF and Nuxt. I stumbled upon your post. It’s been 4months. Can’t imagine how much effort you did put in it. It looks amazing! Good luck on your project!
    However I’m stuck, still can’t choose between SPA and SSR.
    Is your app fully SPA or SSR? The same as you I was just creating a simple Django app, then found out about Vue, learned Vue, then I found out about Nuxt. Now I’m in the stage of integrating Nuxt on my project. Kind of gave up, as you may know my mind is literally blowing. Cant understand why we need to implement SSR with Nuxt if the Django template was already SSR? If i won’t use Nuxt, authors of all internet posts literally persuading you to use Nuxt because its SEO friendly and Faster. Can you please tell me how can I implement Nuxt with Django? Well I eant my site to be fast and seo friendly so… Should I do something else with my backend? There are so little instructions out there, i’m a bit confused. I found this scheme(image below) of SSR with Django which scared me because I have to mess with my Django again, implement new things on top of Rest API to receive payloads of rendered template again to send to client. Rather than working as simple API endpoint. Or its not related to Nuxt? How did you implemented?
    [scheme image](https://images.app.goo.gl/x5DLJitgcyFaNZJK8)

    Like is the implementation the same as simple Django/Vue with small syntax differences?

    Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

  16. Wow! Amazing work! I am feeling motivated and inspired by seeing your work. I have actually seen this post 4 months ago. At that time, I didn’t know much about Django and Vue. Now I have learnt *Django*, and some *Vue* (but not *DRF* till now).

    Can you recommend some books, tutorials, websites (or other resources) for *Django*, *DRF*, *Vue*? I also have some Django projects which are at most using *jQuery*. I expect by using these resources, I will be fluent enough in *Django*/*Vue* to make my project cool as yours within the next 2-3 years.


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