I made a web app that makes grocery lists out of provided recipes

Hi all! This is a project I've been working on for a few months now as my first real Flask creation. It takes a provided recipe or a pasted in list of recipe ingredients and creates a grocery list, automatically combining like ingredients as necessary. Here's the link (Forgive the name lol, it's the domain I had available):


And here's the [code on Github.](https://github.com/wenzstev/grocerylistapp)

I've been teaching myself Flask for about three months now and Python about three months before that, so I'm still pretty new at this and I'm sure there are all sorts of security flaws and bugs (I know of a few that I'm still working to iron out). I'm hoping to make this a centerpiece of my portfolio, so any tips or advice on that front is highly appreciated. Here's a link to my (very rough) [personal blog](https://wenzstev.github.io) if anyone is interested in my progress there.

Thanks for checking it out!

6 thoughts on “I made a web app that makes grocery lists out of provided recipes”

  1. I’ve looked at your repo and found some delicious spaghetti in there. Could you maybe hit me up with the recipe?

  2. Seriously, dude, putting out such a mess into a public repository is the surest way to never get hired.
    Your methods are huge and repetitive, the codebase is inconsistent, weird spacing, comments do not say much. It is good for a person who’s been learning python for 3 months, but not good enough for a portfolio project.

  3. Great idea but it has a lot of security vulnerabilities ,e.g you can login without verifying that the email exist,once locked in you can edit your password to just one letter.

  4. The app looks good for early efforts. I would focus on the security issues noted in the thread and update the repo to account for those, then circle back to the web scraping fixes discussed.


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