Understand how Prometheus Monitoring works | Explaining Prometheus Architecture

Prometheus has become the mainstream monitoring tool of choice in container and microservice world.

[**In this video**](https://youtu.be/h4Sl21AKiDg) I explain following topics:

* **Why Prometheus is so important in such infrastructure** and what are some specific use cases
* **Where and why is Prometheus used with specific use cases**?
* How Prometheus works? What are targets and metrics?
* How does Prometheus collect those metrics from its targets?
* I explain **Prometheus Architecture with simple diagrams** and go through the main components: Prometheus Server, Pushgateway, Alertmanager
* Configuring Prometheus - Example YAML Configuration
* The **advantages** of Prometheus Pull System compared to alternative monitoring tools, which use Push System
* Using Prometheus Monitoring with **Docker 🐳 and Kubernetes**

A separate practical video for monitoring Kubernetes services with Prometheus will follow.

Thought I share it, could be helpful for some of you 🙂 Also appreciate any feedback.

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