Started a YouTube channel for tutorials

A couple of years ago I had a YouTube channel where I teached Vue.js. I recently wanted to "restart" this channel and I've now rebranded it to "Code With Stein" ([](

I love working with Django and I've been doing so for years. I want to teach more people about Django, so I'm going to post a lot of Django related videos there. I published one really short video today on how to install, create and run a Django project.

I'm working on a series on how to create a simple blog, so subscribe if you're interested in this type of content 🙂

6 thoughts on “Started a YouTube channel for tutorials”

  1. Perfect, I was going to learn Vue after Django so I hope you’ll make an addition to the tutorial in a form of implementing vue into django. Thank you !

  2. Now the second and third part of the blog series are published. When you have finished both of them, the frontpage of the blog should be “finished”. When I say finished I mean that the posts is listed with title, time and introduction. In the fourth part we’ll continue by creating the detail view for posts and adding a read more button to the front page.


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