What Happened to Capital One Eno extension?

I had the Eno extension from Capital One that allowed you to create virtual credit card numbers for your account rather than using your actual card numebrs. Now it's just gone? Did they stop supporting at Firefox 75?



Edit: It's back!

2 thoughts on “What Happened to Capital One Eno extension?”

  1. Did you ever find out what happened to it?

    I only noticed because I told someone to use it, and they weren’t able to find it for Firefox; only Chrome.

    It’s really goofy, because I actually still have it in my own Firefox, and the version number is the latest 3.2.0

  2. I just read this post after faffing about with uninstalling and reinstalling eno on Firefox (it works without issue on Chrome–but I hate Chrome). I think this helped me: when installing, I got a popup asking if I wished to give eno access WHILE IN PRIVATE MODE. Once I clicked yes, I was off to the races. I hadn’t noticed the question previously.


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