I want to create a YouTube channel showing the nitty-gritty of programming and maintaining a web-app for 10+ years (scale: 40k monthly uniques, $20k peak monthly). What topics are of interest to r/laravel?

As part of my new year's resolutions I want to get a little less camera shy and I thought I have a somewhat interesting story to share about being the solopreneur owner of a web-app big enough to sustain me comfortably. As the sole owner, this opens up the possibility to show all the code/analytics etc. without repercussions from any other stake-holders.

In terms of priorities, I wanted to ask this sub what topics would you'd like to see covered? Below are some initial ideas I had. Feel free to add anything you don't see here.

(FYI: The site is a two-sided marketplace selling Word documents of use to a certain type of professional. Will obviously reveal all on launch. Technically the web app was written with Rails + JS, but I've done projects in Laravel so I feel I can tailor my presentation to be framework agnostic and comprehensible to any web dev who's sunk their teeth into a real-world project. )

**Coding Topic Ideas**

1. generating a maximally enjoyable development environment (e.g. seeding data, simulating cron, mirroring production as much as possible etc.)
2. removing brittleness from integration tests that run on circleci
3. dealing with the shitshow that is sales tax accounting across multiple currencies
4. detecting and recovering from production bugs asap
5. dealing with the real-world mess that is imperfect user input (e.g. when they type emails with a leading space or inconsistent capitalization; when they create a tag that is almost the same as a previous one — like E Guitar vs. Electric Guitar—and now your data is split across two areas)
6. discussing the 8+ year consequences of certain architectural/software design issues
7. streamlining massive amounts of config
8. multi-redundant systems of backup to prevent disaster
9. designing error messages and a logging strategy that speeds up recovery from errors
10. a tour of the most evil, insidious bugs I dealt with over the years (I keep a diary for them)
11. payment systems in-depth (refunds, errors etc.)
12. caching systems for performance
13. Javascript frameworks — why I decided to tear mine out and stick with simple, modular JS.
14. Choosing dependencies that don't come back and bite you in the ass (think about how the JSscape has changed in the last ten years...)

**Marketing/Business Topics Ideas**

1. how I use data to decide to add/remove a feature
2. AB testing a web app
3. technical SEO (microdata, site structure for internal links, google's tools, sitemaps, etc.) — I get 85% of my traffic (and therefore revenue) from SEO, so I know a thing or two
4. how I use JS and integration tests on all tracking code (critical to get right in my business)
5. auto-email systems to previous customers for extra sales
6. Adwords workflow to drive revenue
7. Analytics workflow to figure out what content working
8. Writing copy that gets sales (what worked for me vs. didn't)

I'll ping anyone interested in early drafts or when they're live if you [go here](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebHzL_wfuPyYiqB0dkwavFeEAdmTol_fn_g0YXOD_zPwpWsg/viewform?usp=sf_link).

12 thoughts on “I want to create a YouTube channel showing the nitty-gritty of programming and maintaining a web-app for 10+ years (scale: 40k monthly uniques, $20k peak monthly). What topics are of interest to r/laravel?”

  1. Server monitoring.

    Like when to upgrade servers, how to decrease RAM or CPU load, etc.

    Also the tools/services you use to so this.

    Thanks, most tutorials are meant for beginners and once you’re good at it you’re kinda left out on your own. So I’ll for sure watch some expert level videos.

  2. More interested in your marketing tbh and how you manage to do that successfully while also doing the technical side.

    As a long time marketeer and relative newbie to laravel, I have perversely found the development of my fairly complex app the easy bit!

  3. There’s a million 10 minute videos there. Even before you touch a keyboard, just fleshing out an idea, thinking about database design and repercussions of those decisions on the site years later. Sketching out page layouts, how user feedback changed your initial ideas for site flow, etc. Certainly the programming, scaling, big issues you’ve run in to over the years. Marketing, biggest failures, unexpected successes.

  4. This sounds amazing.

    I would probably be more interested in Devops with those unique visitors you are getting,

    also from set one: (1, 2, 6, 11),

    set two: (2,3,8)


  5. Advanced debugging and performance optimization. Like what happens when you done all the things most performance guides out there tell you to do? I think that once I have already added caching for everything I can think of and configured opcache and stuff I will still see slowdowns and performance issues.

    Like let’s say I have 300k customers and I wanted to have them all searchable or maybe I want to run a cron on them every hour to perform actions. It would then be interesting to see how you might go about finding the root of the performance issues, what kind of decisions you make to filter out the customers who really need to be part of the cron etc.

    Like I can run the xdebug profiler but what should I really be looking for? Does that make sense?

  6. Can anybody help me with laravel instalatio. , its showing error 500 on port 5500 when ii open my website on browser . But it is working on xampp.
    But i want to use artisan command which is not working .. help

  7. DDOS issues and how you handle all the requests… if you went viral on a site like ProductHunt or something and your traffic spiked

  8. I would be interested in this. I have an app I’d love to polish and launch and theres things on your list I’ve not even considered.


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