Docker released a public roadmap

And there are some exciting things in it!

Accompanying blog post:

What feature/improvement are you looking forward to the most? Is there something missing on the roadmap that you think should be added?

6 thoughts on “Docker released a public roadmap”

  1. This is a quite interesting announcement, as it indicates the direction which Docker and the Hub are heading. Sounds pretty much like the Hub may get something like a subscription-based pro account with advanced integrations across major CI/CD tools.

    I could imagine that they even provide CI pipelines itself which are tightly coupled with the existing image build process. They did not mention anything like that but the final step could be to offer the complete toolchain up to ECS-like hosting.

  2. All I ask for is remote tagging. I don’t want to pull the image, tag it as another, and then push it again. It’s unnecessary network io that adds a lot of time to our CI/CD pipelines.


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