Learn to Build your own News Aggregator Web App – Python Django Project

After gaining knowledge from the Django tutorials, it’s time to implement and showcase that. In this Python django project, you will learn to build your own news aggregator web application by integrating Django with other technologies.

Although, some prerequisite is important.

### Prerequisite

You need to have some basic knowledge of these libraries:

* Django Framework
* BeautifulSoup
* requests module

Django is an absolute necessity here and for mastering it refer to the [**40+ Django Tutorials**](https://data-flair.training/blogs/django-tutorials-home/)**.**

### What is a News Aggregator?

It is a web application which aggregates data (news articles) from multiple websites. Then presents the data in one location.

News aggregator service is a very important start of the day.

There are various publications and news sites online. They publish their content on multiple platforms. Now, imagine when you open 10-20 news sites every day. The time you waste to gain information. Information gain is everything in today’s world.[Read More](https://data-flair.training/blogs/django-project-news-aggregator-app/)

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