KID – KDE in Docker :: Adding GUI to your headless servers is a docker pull away!

Here it is!


Ever needed a full GUI to your server? Simply pull my KID!

It runs the plasma desktop in a docker container with a web GUI as well as VNC!

really useful if you want to do say file management or something, just mount the directories into your container.

Have a good day!

From the maker of [STD - Simple Traefik Dash]( and [STI - Simple Traefik Identity](

10 thoughts on “KID – KDE in Docker :: Adding GUI to your headless servers is a docker pull away!”

  1. Looking forward to checking this out. I’ve only been able to get lxde to work well. Have you tried tigervnc? It seems to work really well for this use case. You can even adjust your display density which I couldn’t do with other vnc servers.

    Also I feel like I find more uses for it constantly. I started as a way to run dwarf fortress in my browser and now use it as a self hosted online office suite among other things.

  2. Cool but why in your screenshots there is GNOME Files instead of the much more powerful Dolphin?

    And for remote file management have you tried something like WebDAV? Maybe by installing Nextcloud that provides it

  3. Cool stuff. Do you think it is possible to get this working with xrdp instead of vnc? Would that be faster than VNC and provide smoother mouse / keyboard input?

  4. Is there anyway to modify the startup routines in the container so that the default user is something other than root?

  5. Love this. I’m having an issue though. No matter what docker host I’ve tried (ubuntu, arch), no matter which tag (bionic, foal) and no matter which VNC viewer (web, vnc client) the plasma system settings always shows up as just plain black. I can fumble around and click on the left hand side of the system setting and get the right hand side options to show up, but the left side stays black. Any ideas?


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