PSA: SpeedUp is hijacking Amazon links.

I have a small extension called [Global Speed](

I recently noticed some person copied my code and created a clone called SpeedUp ([Chrome](, [Firefox]( He also added an Amazon link hijacker. This is very unethical (and against's Amazon rules). He's making a commission on potentially every Amazon purchase the users made, and in certain cases stealing the commission from others.

For proof, you can view SpeedUp's [source code]( using an online CRX viewer. The Amazon URL hijacking code is inside of `content.js`. You can also see artifacts of my code being copied if you compare against an [old version]( of my extension.

Today, I gave his extension a negative review to warn people. He responded by playing an UNO reverse card.

>you should get your facts straight before defaming others. My extension was published before yours, so stop downvoting good add-ons just out of spite. The amazon link tagger functionality is used by countless extensions like Honey, BuyHatke, etc, nothing wrong about that. Now that you mention it, I see that you have copied my source code and you will be forced to remove it from firefox and chrome webstores. Stop using other extensions review board to get users for your extension. RIP.

The nerve of these people. Of course, he's completely bullshitting. I shared my extension on [May 2, 2019]( (on this subreddit), 2 weeks before his extension was published.

He's also trying to "normalize" his scammy behavior by misleadingly comparing his Amazon link hijacker to Honey and BuyHatke . Those extensions drive traffic towards merchants and their use of the affiliate program is justified.

4 thoughts on “PSA: SpeedUp is hijacking Amazon links.”

  1. He’s in full scum mode now. He’s trying to bury my extension in 1-star ratings. He’s using fake accounts. Not cool, thief.

    Edit: My Firefox rating went from 5 stars to 2 stars. And I’m assuming he’s doing the same to my Chrome Web Store rating, but it takes a while for that to update.

    **Edit: Just received a** [second wave]( **of 1-star reviews. All within 10 minutes of each other. Probably the same for Chrome, but that takes a while to update.**

    **Edit2: He gave himself** [5-star ratings]( **with the same accounts.**


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