Django in Production – From Zero To Hero.

I released a mini course about Deploying Django application on single host. Each and every step is explained in lots of detail. There are 5 parts.

[Part 5]( \- is the most important and most interesting - it focuses on configuring gunicorn + nginx on production VPS \[<-- my favorite part 🙂 \] [Part 4]( \- install and configure DB manually and with Ansible [Part 3]( \- a short introduction to Ansible and how it is useful for automation of Django deployments [Part 2]( \- Nginx theory, installation and configuration [Part 1]( \- VPS up and running with secure SSH configuration and access in just 11 minutes. [Youtube playlist]( is here. In near future I will introduce the concept of "Course" on Django Lessons and I will be able to share that sort of info with just one URL :)) Enjoy Django in Production! \[Edited 4th March 2020\] Thank you for your kind support! I am really happy to be part of /r/django fantastic community!

7 thoughts on “Django in Production – From Zero To Hero.”

  1. Don’t you think that these times maybe is better and easier to deploy Django inside containers? Not necessarily with Kubernetes: a docker compose will do.

  2. Without having watched these videos, I have a quick question.

    I deployed a project in Dreamhost, and when I change Debug from True to False media files are recognized anymore.

    Any tip to this?

  3. Just learning Python and Django and working towards deployment. Hopefully another week or so. I’ll check this out. Ty. Ty. Ty.

  4. Thanks for this!
    Quick question, on which case would you deploy using AWS Elastic Beanstalk which is more hands off, and a VPS where there are lots of things you have to do by yourself?

  5. Thanks for sharing this!

    Maybe it is due to a lack of trying hard enough to search, but I feel there aren’t enough tutorials / resources that can get you from local Django project to production Django project with proper security.

    Edit: Clarified that the lack of trying was on me searching for those types of tutorials.


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