vagrant-buildspec – A simple template for building Vagrantfiles

I've been building up and tearing down quite a few VMs, lately, while I am learning to use Vagrant and Ansible, and quickly grew tired of editing the Vagrantfile.

So, I created a small GitHub repo called [vagrant-buildspec](

It's by no means revolutionary; but, it makes my life a little bit easier, and it has been fun to create. So I thought that I would share.

Basically, you enter your Vagrant build details into a flat YAML file, run `vagrant up`, and the details of your build get pulled into the Vagrantfile.

It currently supports the customisation of the following parameters:

* VirtualBox Name
* VirtualBox Guest Hostname
* Vagrant Box Name
* Ansible Host
* Provider
* Memory
* Private IP Address
* Public IP Address
* Forwarding Ports
* Guest Port
* Host Port
* Synced Folders
* Guest Folder
* Host Folder
* Ansible Inventory File Location
* Ansible Playbook Location

Feel free to clone, fork, spin, fold, or mutilate as you wish.

I'd welcome any feedback or constructive criticism on how I might improve the project or its documentation.

P.S. This project was initially inspired by [this ancient post](

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