Build a Reddit Clone in Rails 6 [PART 3 – BUILD COMPLETE]

Hi guys, following on from my recent posts here I'm happy to announce that part 3 of the Reddit clone is now completed. I shared part 1 and 2 here over the past 2 weeks for the community to check out. Those first 2 videos got some interest, so this latest release might be useful to anyone who has enjoyed the series so far.

**Part 1:**

In this video I cover the setup of a new rails app, installing the devise gem and creating user accounts. Add functionality for users to create a new community/subreddit. Add functionality to create new posts for a community (using nested routes).


**Part 2:**

Add dropdown nav menu allowing users to view their profile, edit account settings and sign out. Extend devise to add first name, last name and username. Signed in users can subscribe to communities and create new posts within them. Add profile for users which shows some basic details and their recent posts. Add new comments table and allow subscribers to add comments to posts. Improve layout and design of our app frontend.


**Part 3:**

Add ability to upvote / downvote posts and order them in their community based on popularity. Add user karma based on number of upvotes received on posts.


The build is part of a collection of MVP's that I have been building after working in the tech startup space for some time and assisting in building minimum viable products.

I post new web app builds on YouTube using Ruby on Rails 6 so feel free to check out the channel and add some recommendations for upcoming builds.

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